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Fire Suppression Services

Looking for fire suppression services in Edmonton? Get a professionally installed fire suppression system.


Our fire suppression services include the installation of commercial kitchen fire systems, paint booth fire systems, mobile food truck fire systems, and other special hazard clean agent systems. We adhere to the following standards: NFPA 17,NFPA 17A, NPFA 96, NFPA 2001, ABC.

Restaurant Fire Suppression

The kitchen is at the heart of your restaurant’s success. Compared to other businesses, restaurants are more likely to see fires occur in the work environment. From stovetop to brick oven, no matter where the fire starts, it’s important to have the right equipment in place to suppress it quickly. Advanced Fire Protection Services Ltd. can customize and install systems for restaurant fire suppression in Edmonton. We provide fire systems for commercial kitchens, mobile food trucks, and more. We use industry standard fire suppression products including Buckeye, Pyro-Chem, and Range Guard/Kidde. Protect your kitchen and protect your restaurant with the right fire suppression systems. Advanced Fire Protection Services Ltd. can pair you with the products that fit your business best

Fire Suppression Services in Edmonton Alberta for Advanced Fire Protection
Advanced Fire Protection Services Edmonton Alberta, Inspections and Maintenance

Testing, Inspections, & Re-Certifications

Keep your fire suppression systems working at full capacity with our semi-annual testing and re-certification services. All of our inspections will include documentation for your records. We adhere to the following standards: NFPA 17, NFPA 17A, NPFA 96, NFPA 2001, and ABC.


Fire suppression systems are a vital part of any fire safety plan. They can provide the first line of defense against a fire, and can help keep it from spreading. A good fire suppression system can make the difference between a small fire that is quickly contained, and a large inferno that threatens lives and property.

There are many different types of fire suppression systems, each designed for a specific purpose. The most common type is the sprinkler system, which uses water to extinguish fires. Sprinkler systems are often found in commercial and industrial buildings, where they can provide coverage for large areas.

Another type of fire suppression system is the foam system. Foam systems use a special kind of foam to smother fires.

Whether you know what type of Fire Suppression System would be right for your business or not, We’ll be able to assist. Both new systems & existing system testing, inspection, and re-certifications are our specialities.


Fire safety in museums and art galleries in Alberta is of paramount importance to protect priceless collections and ensure the safety of visitors and staff. While specific guidelines may vary based on the size and nature of the institution, there are common best practices and regulations that should be followed. Alberta has adopted the National Fire Code of Canada (NFCC), which sets the standard for fire safety in public buildings, including museums and galleries. The NFCC mandates requirements for fire detection and alarm systems, emergency exits, fire suppression systems, and evacuation plans. Additionally, museums and art galleries are encouraged to implement temperature and humidity control systems to safeguard delicate artifacts. Regular inspections, staff training in fire response, and collaboration with local fire departments are essential components of a comprehensive fire safety plan.

What are the guidelines for fire safety in museums and art galleries in Alberta, Canada?

Fire safety is a critical consideration in agricultural and farming operations in Alberta, given the inherent fire risks associated with these activities. To ensure the safety of personnel, animals, equipment, and property, it’s vital to implement a comprehensive fire safety plan. This plan should include regular equipment maintenance to prevent sparks, the safe storage of flammable materials, and the maintenance of clear firebreaks or buffer zones between fields and structures. Moreover, fire-resistant building materials for barns and storage facilities can help mitigate fire hazards. Adequate fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment should be on-site, and employees should be trained in their use. In addition, a well-communicated evacuation plan is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety in case of a fire emergency. Collaborating with local fire departments to understand local regulations and access to firefighting resources is also advisable. Overall, integrating fire safety into daily operations is paramount to protect lives and livelihoods in Alberta’s farming and agricultural sectors.

How should fire safety be considered in agricultural and farming operations in Alberta?

Yes, Alberta has strict regulations governing fire safety in daycare centers and schools. These facilities must have fire alarm systems, sprinklers, and fire-resistant building materials to protect children and staff. Regular fire drills and staff training are mandatory, and clear evacuation plans are essential. Alberta’s Safety Codes Act and Alberta Fire Code outline specific requirements, and local fire departments conduct inspections to ensure compliance.

Are there regulations for fire safety in daycare centers and schools in Alberta, Canada?

A clean agent fire suppression system is a system that uses a chemical to stop fires. These systems are designed to quickly stop the spread of flames, prevent re-ignition of the fire, and leave behind no residue. They are most commonly used in data centers, museums, and other areas where sensitive equipment is at risk of being damaged. Clean agent fire suppression systems are the most effective way to protect valuable assets from fire damage.

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To ensure that your fire suppression system is operating optimally, it’s crucial to frequently have a professional check its components. The inspector will examine for any deterioration or damage and make sure all parts are in proper working order. With this security measure in place, you can rest assured that your system meets industry standards and is ready to respond efficiently if needed.

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It is important to maintain your fire suppression system. This includes regularly inspecting it, testing its parts, and doing maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. These maintenance procedures are essential to keeping your system working correctly and safely. It’s best practice to hire a professional fire safety company to maintain your fire suppression system.

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